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Skydazzle is an established Professional Firework Display Company based in Newport South Wales.

As we expand our business year by year we are increasing our internet presence to bring our Dazzling Pyrotechnic Displays to a wider audience than ever before. All our Firework Displays are the very best your money can buy, top quality Fireworks for any occasion to suit your budget.

We have an enviable reputation for providing stunning Musical Firework Shows using our Computer Controlled Firing Systems together with our own high quality Sound Systems.

Whatever the size of your display, we can provide you with fireworks that will make your night a spectacular and memorable occasion for you and your guests.

Also as a Non VAT registered Company, all your budget goes on your Firework Display and not 20% to the Tax Man!!

Picture of Shell Burst Firework
Picture of Wedding Couple and Fireworks

Skydazzle recognises that your event may be one of the most important days in your life, be it a Wedding, Special Birthday, Anniversary or just a family gathering.

So we at Skydazzle treat every Firework Display as the most important one for us as well. Whether you spend £600 or £10,000 you get the same first class treatment from day one.

We aim to ensure that dealing with us is a pleasurable experience, so you will return or recommend us to others. It’s the way Skydazzle does business.

For a truly exciting and memorable ending to your Celebrations, a Skydazzle Firework Display, choreographed to your favourite music is unbeatable.

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